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Left to Right: (back row) Sylvia Herold, Maureen Brennan, Cindy Brown, Kevin Carr (front) Danny Carnahan, Paul Kotapish, Brian Rice – right-click to download
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Left to Right: (back row) Maureen Brennan, Kevin Carr, Brian Rice, Cindy Brown (front) Sylvia Herold, Danny Carnahan, Paul Kotapish, – right-click to download
Left to Right: Maureen Brennan, Sylvia Herold, Danny Carnahan, Brian Rice, Cindy Brown, Kevi Carr Front: Paul Kotapish- right-click to download high-res version
Left to Right: Brian Rice, Kevin Carr, Danny Carnahan, Sylvia Herold, Maureen Brennan, Paul Kotapish, Front: Cindy Brown – right-click to download high-res version